Heal Yourself P.K. Nesbit

ISBN: 9781456868796

Published: February 15th 2011


234 pages


Heal Yourself  by  P.K. Nesbit

Heal Yourself by P.K. Nesbit
February 15th 2011 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 234 pages | ISBN: 9781456868796 | 9.61 Mb

Sickness is not an accident, it is a correction. Heal Yourself will help you to shift the responsibility for your problems back to the mind. There they were “thought out,” and only there they can be corrected. The outside world is not a fact, but a result of projection of inner conflict of the mind. Perception is an extension of a belief what we want to be the truth.

We “see” what we believe. Perception depreciates the power of our mind and wants to shift the responsibility for conflict onto the world. We decide to be in conflict and assume that the world can protect us in various ways, yet it has failed miserably, because the conflict is self-imposed. No established institution can save us, because all Power is in our own mind. To heal oneself means to let go of our conflicting beliefs.

Only they are bringing us pain and sickness. This book will help you to understand duality and to start practicing the concepts of Oneness of Power. There are also many funny practical experiences that helped me to loosen up and let go of conflicts in relationships.

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